SUSTAiNABILITY made by mayr

Sustainable business practices is a key orientation of our Schreinerei& Möbelmanufaktur. Since years we strive to align our actions so that

  • present economic, ecological and social needs are covered best possible and
  • future generations will benefit from our actions

We still have a challenging path to go, but we are convinced that it is worth while

Economic sustainability


Our economic goal is to secure and further expand competitiveness. For this reason we invested into modern, forward-looking machinery as a basis for further development.

Staff and youth development

A second  important success factor are our current and potential employees. Around 100 young people have so far completed an apprenticeship in our company. In addition, we are lecturer and participant in the BDS Apprentice Academy.

Another goal is to further involve our staff into the company's development. To achieve this we established a staff advisory board and take part in the program "unternehmensWert:Mensch"

Ecological sustainability


Our production: Energy neutral and resource and environmentally friendly

We produce all the energy we need in our officies and production by ourselves. Over the last years we have invested in a photovoltaic system and an ultra-modern heating system which is operated with the waste from our production.

A large part of the material required in production are sourced from producers who place  much emphasis on sustainable forest management, the use of recycled materials and energy-efficient production. Where possible we use local suppliers to ensure short distances.

Social sustainability


We see ourselves as part of society that contributes to the benefit of all. We support projects in our hometown Ingolstadt with donations. In addition our general manager Andreas Mayr is engaged in various honorary positions, such as the Lions Club Ingolstadt "on the Schanz" or the Economic Advisory Board of the district Pfaffenhofen.

A report on our social commitment will be provided upon request.